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To bring you the best resources available, we have partnered with child development experts to bring additional products and service to help you be successful. They have each proven themselves to be knowledgeable in their respective fields and are well-sought-after for their practical advice and nurturing teaching styles. 


We hope you find their work as innovative and exciting as we do! 

Meet Our Partners

Stephanie Wicker

Speaker, Author, Educator, Consultant

Dr Angela Searcy, EdD

Speaker, Author, Educator, Trainer, Consultant

Stephanie Wicker

Stephanie has successfully guided families through early childhood for over 15 years. Through her experience with private consultancy, as a preschool teacher and special needs therapist, she has tackled most aspects of early childhood behaviour with her trademark blend of energy and empathy.
Stephanie has consulted around Australia in private sessions with countless families, and currently hosts live and online training events worldwide, in which she shares her practical solutions and language techniques with families facing diverse challenges.  She believes that helping families to raise calm, happy kids is achievable through education, preparation and a positive mindset.


Stephanie brings optimism and expertise to modern parenting challenges, helping to demystify puzzling childhood behavior with simple, common-sense solutions to big challenges.  She brings with her a virtual kitbag of tools to tackle tantrums, defiance and aggression which are as practical as they are positive.

An experienced presenter, Stephanie stands out for her passionate and engaging style, and her upbeat approach to what can often be emotional topics.  Learn more at www.stephaniewicker.com

SG Classes Online has partnered with Stephanie to provide new and exciting products and services as well as valuable resources you can use in the classroom every day!  Check out some of her material on our Resources page.

Dr Angela Searcy, EdD

Angela Searcy, EdD, has more than 25 years of experience in education, providing services to children and families as a teacher, child-development specialist, and independent consultant. A former neurodevelopment specialist, she is the owner and founder of Simple Solutions Educational Services, a professional-development company. She is a trainer, a speaker, and a seminar leader at the Erikson Institute.

Angela Searcy holds a B.A. in English and Secondary Education with teacher certification through the State of Illinois, and a Master of Science in Early Childhood Development from Erikson Institute with a Developmental Therapy Credential through the State of Illinois. 

She is a “Master Trainer” for the Illinois State Board of Education, The Center on the Social and Emotional foundations for Early Learning at Vanderbilt University and the Multisensory Training Institute in Massachusetts. Angela also serves as an educational consultant throughout the Chicago land area and an adjunct professor at Rasmussen College.  

A former associate at the Neuropsychology Diagnostic Center in Orland Park, Angela has specialized training in the neurosciences and is a nationally recognized speaker with over 20 years of  experience working with professionals, young children, and their families as an early childhood teacher, child development specialist, staff developer, mental health consultant, parent educator, language arts teacher, college professor and tutor.

Her expertise encompasses developing behavior modification programs from a neuropsychological perspective, and creating professional development grounded in neuroscience research related to adult learning. Angela has been featured on Chicago Public Radio’s Chicago Matters, Chicago Parent and Chicago Baby Magazines and is a regular speaker for the Learning and the Brain Conference Sponsored by Harvard, Yale and Stanford Universities. Angela is also an approved professional development provider for the Illinois State Board of Education. (ISBE CEU, CPDU credits available) and the Early Intervention System of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Texas (EI /ECI credits available) CDA content areas.

Learn more at Simple Solutions Education

SG Classes Online has partnered with Dr. Searcy to provide new and exciting products and services as well as valuable resources you can use in the classroom every day!  Check out some of her material on our Resources page.